The League EGM will be held on Thursday 25th May 7.30pm at Brunton Park

Each Club must be represented.

Brunton Park League Cup Finals Weekend

Posted by Sharron

Fixture schedule for this year's Finals Weekend at Brunton Park.

 Please pass this on to all relevant teams within your club along with the following information for Managers and parents/carers

U16 & 1st year U18 Managers

The League and the CFA would like to meet with the managers of all the U16s and first year U18s to discuss the U18 provision for future seasons. We have arranged this meeting for Monday 27th February 7pm at Brunton Park.
Please pass this meeting information to all relevant managers within your club.

We would like a representative from each team to attend, even if they are not planning on continuing next season.

January League General Meeting

The January meeting will be held on Thursday 26 January 2017, 7.30pm at Brunton Park.

Minutes of the November meeting will be in the download section of the website.

A representative from each club must attend.


I would like once again to extend my best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to everyone in our League “family”.  I hope you each enjoy a happy and restful Festive Season. 

At times -- as in any family -- we have our “differences”, and occasionally these are forcibly expressed.  However in the main we live amicably with these differences, and I believe you should all feel very proud of what you achieve on behalf of local youngsters.  At this special time of year let us take pride in what we do regularly achieve, and resolve to strive to do even more in future.

To the hard-working members of the League Management Committee, all the Club and Team Officials, the army of volunteers who do so much to enable thousands of kids to enjoy their football each week, and our referees who make it possible to enjoy safe and disciplined sport, I send my best wishes.

It would be wrong -- and indeed impossible -- to even start to name the many individuals who contribute so much to the League. Therefore can I simply say to anybody who has supported the League in any way during 2016 …




Our League Sponsors and Handbook advertisers deserve a special mention too, as without their financial support our task would be all the more difficult.  Thanks again Guys!

           Colin Seel, League President